Fields Of Activity

Talu İnşaat, management With the experience of its staff of up to sixty years in the domestic and international construction sector, it provides contracting services, including the EPC model, and provides project management consultancy services, especially in the fields of activity such as Infrastructure, Superstructure, Marine Works, Electromechanical Works, Treatment and Environmental Projects.

Has many years of experience in many infrastructure projects including various works such as highways, bridges, tunnels, viaducts. Talu İnşaat’s management team is over 150 km of highways, over 12 km of highway tunnels, over 30 km of subway tunnels, bridges and vaults.

Talu İnşaat provides service in superstructure projects with its experienced staff.

Talu İnşaat has high experience and reliability in providing the following activities and services in rail system projects, including but not limited to: – Turnkey execution of E&M works – Technical consultancy – Interface management – Systems engineering support – Supply of PAKS system to domestic and foreign projects with the cooperation agreement with MWWS company – Tender preparation and operational simulation for all rail system projects under construction with Titu_SH software, which is developed and owned by Talu İnşaat. With the betting simulation software: – Identification of the possible project routes that will provide the highest operational efficiency – Determination of the scissor type suitable for the scissor cuts that may take place after the stop areas or the speed limit cuts – Determination of the effect and efficiency of the planned stop and squatting areas on the management – Determination of the speed values ​​that the sections will be exposed to in order to determine the appropriate transfer value on the lines planned for mixed operation – Determination of representative travel times and total cruise time between take-off and stop locations – Determination of possible and efficient train formation (such as determination of maximum tonnage, minimum traction force) on lines where freight will be transported. – Capacity calculation – Detection of sections that may cause bottlenecks in planned voyage frequency due to line design and structure

Talu İnşaat; Within the scope of marine construction works, it provides services with its expert staff with domestic and international experience in the construction of pier, dock, embankment and breakwater constructions and water intake and discharge structures.

Talu İnşaat team, which has both domestic and international experience in Treatment and Environment works, took part in irrigation canal, treatment plant and transmission line projects.