Gönül TALU

Born in Elazığ in 1938, Mr. Gönül Talu was graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Civil Engineering in 1960. Started his career in the construction sector as a young engineer, he had worked as a freelancer and then joined Doğuş Construction, which is one of the leading construction firms in our country. After working as Project Manager and General Manager, he served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Doğuş Construction and as the Member of the Board of Directors of Doğuş Holding for over 30 years. Mr. Talu has successfully completed over 100 major projects worth of 30 billion USD inland and abroad thanks to his 60-year experience in the sector.

Mr. Talu, who is also a member of the High Advisory Committee of the Turkish Contractors Association (TMB) and a member of the Construction Industrialists Employer Union (İNTES), has always placed importance to continuous improvement by combining his vast experience and knowledge with modern working methods and construction technologies. He has achieved significant breakthroughs in the field of contracting in Turkey, developing projects across a wide range of geographies around the world and making successful partnerships with many reputable global construction companies.
In construction, the most important asset is people. It is easy to select the right machines and good technologies, however; it is quite hard to find the right people that have full respect for their jobs and professions and who are truly committed to doing their jobs.

Based on the principle of There is No Rest For The Weary’’, Gönül Talu founded TALU İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi in 2019 to serve the construction sector thanks to his vast knowledge and experience in his 60-year professional career.

As a company that consists of employees, engineers and managers that place importance to teamwork and that can continuously improve themselves; the biggest capital of Talu Construction is its experience. It will be definitely constructing many new roads, bridges and dams on different continents around the world.
Talu Construction will represent the Turkish Construction Sector with high standards; maintain its position in the sector with its trustworthy and reputable image by building better, higher-quality and sustainable living conditions for people.

The biggest goal of Talu Construction is to implement successful projects, ensure sustainable growth and strengthen its corporate infrastructure in order to further develop the Turkish Construction Sector.

The story of Talu Construction was explained by Mr. Gönül Talu as follows:

I will try to explain how Talu Construction was created:

I was graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Construction, Department of Civil Engineering as Civil Engineer (M.Sc) in 1961. I had worked as chief of various construction sites in the Highways Authority, had experience in the private sector and built structures as a private contractor until 1969. I had worked as a contractor and completed projects for the Highways Authority. In 1969, I started to work at Doğuş Construction for 50 years uninterruptedly. I served as Project Manager and General Manager in the first 15 years of such 50 years, and as Chairman of Board of Directors and Executive Director in the last 35 years.

I have managed some 150 projects with total value more than 30 Billion USD inland and abroad. Particularly, I have completed and timely delivered projects in all lines of infrastructure construction such as dams, highways, railways, metros, viaducts, bridges, airports, maritime constructions and various environmental projects in Turkey and many other countries such as Yemen, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Morocco, Qatar and India.

I founded Talu Construction to operate in the field of infrastructure construction thanks to my 60 year experience in the sector. The biggest asset of Talu Construction is its staff that is highly experienced in construction. Managers, engineers and foremen that have been trained over the course of time are our biggest strength.

Good Luck to All of Us‘

Gönül Talu