Do whatever you want, you will be remembered with your past works.”

Gönül TALU

Talu Construction

Our Quality Policy

  • Our Quality Policy as Talu Construction is to provide projects and services to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders with the participation and efforts of all our employees through our engineering and contracting services in the field of Infrastructure, Superstructure, Maritime Works, Treatment and Environmental Projects,
  • To conduct the services and activities required to increase our share in domestic and overseas markets,
  • Comply with quality management system conditions and ensure continuous improvement by taking environmental factors and occupational safety rules into consideration,
  • To become a leading company by maximizing our quality standards, fulfilling all legal requirements and providing services in accordance with the national and international standards,
  • To maximize the satisfaction of both our personnel and stakeholders during the provision of services under legislations,
  • To ensure the provision of trainings that increase the service quality and develop personal talents of our employees,
  • To make sure that the needs of our clients are fulfilled according to the requirements of the applicable primary and secondary legislation,
  • To guarantee the satisfaction of our clients by taking the risks and opportunities that might affect the provision and compliance of the services into consideration,
  • To ensure the increase and sustainability of the satisfaction of our clients,
  • To gain, maintain and continuously enhance the confidence of all parties to whom we provide services, by achieving total quality in the most cost-effective, fastest and shortest way, as our most significant mission.

Talu Construction

ISO Certificates

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

ISO 45001 İş Occupational Health and Safety Management System

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