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“Talu İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ”, hereinafter referred to as “Talu Construction”, has adopted the principle of protecting the confidentiality of the visitors of its website. Therefore, this statement of confidentiality (“Statement of Confidentiality”) describes what type of information is collected by ‘‘Talu Construction’’ during the use of our website, as well as how such information is used and protected. Besides, it describes how you can check the accuracy of such information under this Statement of Confidentiality and how you can contact “Talu Construction” Company and ask for deletion of such information. All operations required to process and use such information in accordance with the existing applicable data protection regulations will be carried out by “Talu Construction”.

This Statement of Confidentiality does not apply to the other websites diverted from the website “” (hyperlinked websites).

Confidentiality Rules, Terms of Use of Website, Messages and Information about Your Personal Data

We would like to provide you with information about our Confidentiality Rules, Messages, Terms of Use of Website and our applications regarding Processing of Your Personal Data as well as your rights under the Personal Data Protection Law No 6698.

The following Confidentiality Rules, Policy and Terms of Use of Application apply in relation with the confidentiality of the information of visitors-members-customers, protection, storage, processing, use and disposal of personal data (information), commercial electronic messages and other matters at “Talu Construction” and our Website “” (including mobile application).

Your Processed Personal Data – Messages and Your Legal Rights About Your Personal Data

We would like to provide you with information about the method and legal reason for the collection of your personal data such as your first name, last name, mail address, home address, business address, age, mobile phone number, driver’s license details, IP number etc, as well as the purpose of processing of your personal data and to whom such personal data could be disclosed; you are entitled to know whether your personal data has been processed or not, obtain information if your personal data has been processed, whether it is used in line with the intended purpose, know the third parties to whom your personal data is disclosed inland and abroad, and ask for information about all these matters, and if your personal data has been processed incompletely or wrong, you are entitled to ask for the correction, deletion or disposal of it according to the legal requirements and methods, and ask for provision of information to third parties, to whom your personal data has been disclosed, about this operation, and also to object to the occurrence of any negative results against your through the analysis of your personal data via automatic systems and ask for the indemnification of the damage that you might suffer due to the processing of your personal data in violation of the laws, and you can apply to the data controller at ‘‘Talu Construction’’, whose name and contact details are indicated below, in relation with these matters.

Our Company may fully/partly destroy (delete, dispose or anonymize) personal data in the periods prescribed in the personal data storage and disposal policies in accordance with the relevant legislation. Our Visitors/Members may contact the data controller of ‘‘Talu Construction’’, whose names and contact details are indicated below, or contact our Company by using the contact channels of ‘‘Talu Construction’’ at any time of their choice and without specifying any reasons, and follow the necessary legal and technical procedures, and request the termination of processing of their personal data and/or sending commercial electronic messages to them. According to their express notification requests, processing of personal data and/or sending messages via the designated channels are stopped within the maximum legal period (processing of personal data and sending of messages that are legally possible, necessary or mandatory will continue). If the Visitors/Customers/Members wish so, the data other than those required to be legally stored and/or possible to be stored is deleted or destroyed from the data recording system or anonymized to achieve the same purpose. All relevant applications and requests will be fulfilled within maximum legal periods or rejected by specifying the legal reason to them (Relevant legal rights are reserved).

If the Visitors/Customers/Members wish so, the data other than those required to be legally stored and/or possible to be stored is deleted or destroyed from the data recording system or anonymized to achieve the same purpose. All relevant applications and requests will be fulfilled within maximum legal periods or rejected by specifying the legal reason to them (Relevant legal rights are reserved).

Information about the notifications and cookies on your computer and other devices as well as the steps that you can take to regulate them is provided below.

Collection, Purpose, Use and Processing of Personal Data

Use and processing of personal data of a particular individual is only possible upon entering data with his/her own request or granting express consent for the use and processing of personal data. Entering data or granting express consent is an indicator of agreement with the following conditions. When you visit our website, certain data required by system management, statistics and ‘‘back-up’’ applications will be automatically stored on our servers. Such data includes the website that linked to our website, other websites visited by you during your visit of our website, keywords used by you to find our website, name of your internet service provider, your IP address and/or location in certain cases, web browser, version of your software and operating system of the computer from which you access to our website. Such data may, as the case may be, enable us to draw some conclusions about the visitors of website. However, no personal data will be used for this purpose. Such personal data may only be used after being anonymized. In case “Talu Construction” transfers such data to any external service provider, it will take all necessary technical and organizational steps to ensure that data is transferred in accordance with the existing legal provisions related to data security.

If you provide personal data with your own request, “Talu Construction” hereby undertakes to use, process or disclose such data in accordance with the limitations prescribed by laws or indicated by visitors in the statement of consent. Disclosure of such personal data to third parties will be possible only upon being deemed necessary by judicial or administrative authorities.

We use personal data for the following purposes:


  • Customization of user experience
  • Granting access to the website
  • Communication with users
  • Improvement works


Information about Person and Children


Visitors/Members are exclusively responsible for the information that they obtain from our Website or other hyperlinked websites/mobile applications/all kinds of notifications, information provided in the electronic messages sent to them as well as from promotions and advertisements, all decisions taken by them based on any suggestions made, all transactions and applications conducted by them in this regard and the consequences of the same.

The website “” is intended to be used by adults, and the website “” is not meant to be for children. “Talu Construction” does not deal with the information related to children younger than 18 years old. “Talu Construction” will publish clear advice at an appropriate place in the website for children not to submit any personal data. If parents or legal guardians have suspicions for the children under their supervision to submit any personal data to “Talu Construction” and wish to get such data removed, please note that you can apply to the data controller of ‘‘Talu Construction’’, whose name and contact details are provided below. In this case, such data will be removed without delay.



We use cookies to enable you to better benefit from our website. Cookies are small units of data temporarily stored by your browser on your computer and mobile device, and allow you to experience our website better. Cookies do not contain any personal information about you and cannot be used to identify individual users. Cookies generally have unique identifiers, and such identifier is an anonymized number on your device (created randomly). Some cookies are terminated upon the completion of your session at the website, while some of them are stored on your computer for a longer time.

Types of Cookies

First Party Cookies

First party cookies are identified by the website browsed by you, and can be only read by such website.

Third Party Cookies

Third party cookies are identified by the other organizations used by us for different services. For example, external data analysis services used by us and the suppliers that provide these services identify cookies on behalf of us to report what is and what is not popular. The website browsed by you may also have contents such as embedded contents from YouTube, and these websites may identify their own cookies.

Why Should I Allow Cookies?

The data contained in cookies is used to improve the services provided to you. For example, if you allow a service organization to recognize your device, you will not have to provide the same data in a session again and again. For example:

  • Filling in a web form or web survey
  • Supporting My Favorites (My Contents) function
  • Allowing video player to properly function
  • Measuring the number of people using services, activating these services and providing sufficient capacity to make it easier to use these services and continue providing the same quickly, analyzing anonymous data and understanding how people interact with different aspects of our online services and assisting us to understand how we can improve these services.


What Happens If I Do Not Accept?

If you opt to reject cookies, certain features of this website might not be browsed or properly function. This would restrict your actions at the website and might have impacts on design and user experience. The features that are likely to be affected include: failure to experience the website in a customized way.

General Information About Cookies

Cookies might be classified in various forms. Talu Construction uses the following cookies.


Absolutely Necessary: These cookies enable users to browse and use the special sections of the website such as secure pages. Major sections of the website cannot be used without these cookies.

Performance: These cookies offer enhanced and more customized experience to users by ensuring that the website saves user preferences such as language settings.

Function: These cookies collect data about user behaviors. All data is collected anonymously, and functional cookies cannot track user activities in other websites.

Targeting and Advertisement: These cookies are used to show suitable advertisements in terms of users and their interests. These cookies can be also used to measure the efficiency of an advertisement campaign that users interact while visiting particular websites, and enable communication with potential advertisers.


Apart from the above-mentioned cookies, other first party or third party cookies can be used (externally) as embedded in the website through the use of technologies such as iFrames, JavaScript etc. By accepting cookies, you are deemed to agree that these types of contents can also use cookies.

Talu Construction neither has any control over third party cookies nor assumes any liabilities for these cookies. For more information, please refer to the relevant third party website.

‘Opt-out cookies’ has been adjusted by “”. This preference is valid until cookies are deleted. For the website “Talu Construction”, separate cookies have been adjusted for each browser and computer. Therefore, if you visit our website at home and office or by using different browsers, you are required to opt out of data storage for each device or browser.

Third Party Websites-Digital Platforms and Applications

In the third party websites diverted from our website (including mobile versions), their own confidentiality-security policies, use, communication and personal data processing conditions apply: our website does not assume any liabilities for the use of information from the websites visited for the purpose of browsing advertisements, banners, contents or for any other purposes, as well as any disputes, financial and non-financial damages and losses that might occur due to the ethical principles, confidentiality-security principles, personal data storage and disposal policies, service quality, terms of use, cookies-web markers and the like, notifications-recommendations and other applications of third party websites (and various digital platforms).

Web Tracking

This website “Talu Construction” collects and stores data for marketing and optimization purposes by using third party services through service providers, personnel and/or subcontractors, sponsors and supporters, payment service providers and marketing organizations. Such data can be used to create anonymized user profiles. Cookies might have been adjusted.

The data collected by ‘‘Talu Construction’’ may not be used to identify a personal visitor without express consent of our users, and may not be combined with any other anonymized personal data.

By sending an e-mail to, you may notify that you opt out of data collection and storage procedure. In this case, your data will not be collected.


‘‘Talu Construction’’ may send social, commercial and other electronic messages to our Visitors/Customers/Members through SMS, push notifications, automatic searches, computer, telephone, e-mail, fax, all types of notifications (if your device is on), bluetooth, beacon, all types of other general-special wireless networks and other electronic communication tools for the purposes of publicity and advertisement about all products and services, promotion, sales and marketing and also for store card, credit card and membership notifications, transactions and applications in accordance with the laws. It may send commercial electronic messages to our Visitors/Customers/Members.

Shopping and Other Consumer Transactions

If Visitors/Members purchase a product/service as a result of the information provided by using the above-mentioned methods and/or through messages, information, notifications, advertisements and promotions, such transaction will be separately and legally subject to the consumer contract to be concluded with the relevant seller/provider. Consumer contract applies along with its own terms and conditions and by and between the relevant parties.

For shopping (if any) through our website, order pre-information form and the conditions of distance sale contract which you can review at the time of each transaction will apply.

Other Requests and Questions

The stored data will be destroyed (deleted, disposed or anonymized) by “Talu Construction” or partners of “Talu Construction” upon the expiry of legal or contractual storage period and when “Talu Construction” or partners of “Talu Construction”, if any, do not require such data anymore.

However, you can surely ask for deletion of your personal data at any time. You can also withdraw your consent for the use or processing of your personal data at any time in the future. According to the express notifications-requests, processing of your personal data and/or sending of messages through the designated channels will be stopped within the maximum legal period (processing of personal data and sending of messages that are legally possible, necessary or mandatory will continue). You can consult ‘‘____________’’, who is acting as data protection officer, via e-mail in these cases or in relation with all other questions about your personal data. You can also contact the officer by using the same method for your questions regarding the storage and fields of use of your personal data. You can make sure that we will use our best efforts to respond to your questions immediately.

Rights Over the Contents of the Website

All intellectual and industrial rights and property rights related to all information and contents contained in our website as well as regulation, revision and full/partial use of the same, except for those belonging to other third parties, belong to “Talu Construction” Company.


Our Company reserves its rights to make any necessary changes in the confidentiality, personal data storage and use and disposal policy and the term of use of the website as well as in the products, services, opportunities and campaigns that it will offer to its customers and members; these changes come into effect upon the announcement being made by our Company at the website or by other appropriate methods.

Use of Social Media Add-ons

The add-ons of social networks such as and Twitter add-ons (“add-ons) can be embedded in our website. The relevant services are provided by Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. Companies (“service providers”).

Facebook is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). To view Facebook add-ons and images, you can visit this link:

Twitter is operated by Twitter Inc., 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. To view Twitter buttons and images, you can visit this link:

To increase the protection level of your data during your visit of our websites; these add-ons are applied as ‘‘double click buttons’’. When you access to the websites that contain such add-ons through our website, such integration ensures that you do not connect to the servers of service providers automatically. You are deemed to grant access for data transfer only if you activate these add-ons, and a direct connection is made with the servers of browser service providers. Subsequently, the contents of various add-ons are transferred directly to your browser by the relevant service provider and are viewed on your screen.

Add-on notifies the service provider about which website pages you are visiting. If your Facebook or Twitter user account is logged in during your navigation of our website, the service provider may collect data about your interests such as the information that you access with your user account. When you are using any add-on function (such as clicking ‘‘Like’’ button or writing a comment), such data is also transferred to the service provider by the browser, for the purpose of being directly stored.

You can refer to the data protection/confidentiality recommendations of the service provider to get more information about the collection and use of data by Facebook or Twitter and the rights and opportunities you can use to protect your confidentiality under these conditions.

Data Protection/confidentiality recommendation published by Facebook:

Data Protection/confidentiality recommendation published by Twitter:

To prevent Facebook or Twitter from making a connection in relation with your visit of our website through your user account at such websites; you are required to log off from the relevant user accounts prior to accessing to our websites.

Countries where your Data is Stored and/or Processed

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